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Amazing Race Audition

San Francisco & Donner Ski Ranch
March 5-6, 2005

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Em spotted a commercial on Thursday alerting us that The Amazing Race was calling for families of four, so we gave the weekend over to making our 3-minute audition tape. California's spring weather cooperated fully, giving us the chance to tape scenes not only in San Francisco, but also in locales that might have been China, Italy and the Swiss Alps. We even managed to squeeze in a Sunday night barbecue dinner with Sue, Joe and the cousins, and that night at 10pm, we were still working our way home from skiing, Jen driving while I edited video on the iBook in the passenger seat. By Tuesday morning we had the whole thing edited down to 2:59 minutes, ready to be FedEx'd off to LA.

Here's a low-res version -- still a pretty big download at about 9 megs.