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Sunday Drive to Bodega Goat Ranch

West Sonoma County
March 14, 2010

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Springtime in Sonoma County means bright green rolling hills, newborn baby goats, and our 1963 Buick Skylark, cleaned up for its annual resurrection (until, inevitably, it falls prey to the next $1,000 repair). We put all three together for a Sunday afternoon drive out to the Bodega Goat Ranch, where our friend Terrie has recently moved. Add to Terrie's c.v. now the vocation of goatherd & midwife: only a few months into the job she is guiding these nanny goats as they deliver this spring's baby goats. Some of the goats we got to see were only a few hours old.

With all the goat cuddling and loose talk about county regulations allowing up to two goats in suburban backyards, we were lucky to get out of there without goats. In fact, we were lucky to get out of there at all, given the steam pumping out of the engine as we pulled up and the terrible knocking sounds coming out of the Buick as we headed east again. We managed to make it all the way, with only one stop for minor maintenance.