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Hobo Toast at Campsite 19

Paul M. Demmick Campground
Navarro Redwoods State Park
Oct. 1-3, 2010

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Some years back, we stopped at this roadside campground on our way out to the Mendocino Coast. It was an unplanned stop at a place we'd never heard of, but the site we chose (campsite 19) was so perfect, with its firepit area surrounded by greenery and on a bluff overlooking the Navarro River, that it lived on in our family mythology. "When are we going back to Campsite 19?"

It took some years to get back to this place only 90 minutes away. But when we finally did, it was every bit as nice and peaceful as we remembered it. So much so that we abandoned plans to head up on the coast after an overnight stay. Instead, we lingered by the firepit, cooking hobo meals and playing games jumping off the bluff.