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"Good One, Corn Man!"

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Oct. 25, 2009

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Even from the depths of bankruptcy, Six Flags continues to amuse and amaze us with its mixed-theme roller coasters (Medusa in a Mayan temple), swimming tigers, and Austin-Powers-hosted sea-mammal shows.

At Halloween they added bleeding fountains, trick-or-treating in Loony Toons Land (sponsored by Reese's), and Zombie Alley, a poorly supervised pit where teen employees were encouraged to harrass and terrorize the guests. Em and Ellie thought this was pretty fun at first, but in the end one of the Walking Undead managed to freak Em out to a point just shy of hysterical madness.

Later, we found a wicker man stepping out from the corn stalks to frighten the unsuspecting. Though Em was posing with him, she was still surprised at his sudden lurch. She screamed and bolted. That was enough to raise a laugh from the corn man's handler, who added: "Good one, corn man!"