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Eavesdropping Picnickers

Spring Lake
Jan. 14, 2012

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We chose the perfect spot for our picnic. Not just because it offered a flat little beach with a spectacular view of Spring Lake in all its warm, winter glory. But even better: because it was about halfway around the lake for most of the power walkers. That's just far enough for them to have worked through the small talk and gained the confidence of their partner walker. As they passed us, many were reaching the emotional peak of their stories, waving arms as they demanded the other accompany them to Vegas for their birthday "if I don't have a man in my life by then," or confiding they had turned off their relationship with the other at one point, or some other broad confession or gripe, accompanied with much hand waving and fast walking.

Needless to say, we lingered long after the last toffee bar was gone.