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Endeavor's Last Flight

Marina Green
Sept. 21, 2012

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I had never seen a space shuttle, though they have been flying around the country and in outer space since I was in high school. So we played hooky on this day, our last chance to see a space shuttle in the air, atop a NASA 747, as Endeavor made its way from Cape Canaveral to its permanent home at LA's Museum of Science and Industry.

We pulled the girls out of school with a plan to return them mid-morning. But when the 8:30am flyover was delayed to 10:30, we saw little point in getting them back to school. Jen and the girls headed off to their usual shopping spots around Union Square, and I put in a day of work on the 33rd floor.

And we weren't alone: we were able to track Endeavor's journey across the state as the other members of my family posted their pics of it up on Facebook: Sue & Danny in Sacramento, us at the San Francisco Bay, Jerry at the Arroyo in Pasadena, and my folks at Alamitos Bay as it approached LAX for its final landing.

After dinner at House of Nanking, we snuck up to the 33rd floor to use the bathrooms and have company-kitchen hot chocolate with a view of the city at night.