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Champion Screamer, Honorary Villain

California Adventure
Oct. 7, 2007

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At last: long overdue recognition for Emily's ability to generate blood-curdling screams. A Halloween show in California Adventure had the audience screaming to vote for its favorite Disney villains, including Ursula, Hades, and Frollo. But after the voting, the host announced that a new voice of horror had been discovered in the audience -- "Miss ... Emily ... Sims?"

Before the show, a fellow with a decibel reader had gone through the crowd asking kids to scream into his Scream-o-meter. Ellie surely came in second, at 121 decibels, but Em's 126-decibel scream took the prize! She was called down to the stage and had to face off with Hades, eventually taking the oath of an honorary villain and walking off with a statuette of the demon of Bald Moutain of Fantasia.