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In the Holiday Spirit

Around Town
Christmastime, 2011

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We started one holiday tradition just last year, kind of by accident. We were going to bake and deliver cookies to the girl scout that Ellie was Secret Santa-ing (Saba). By the time we got them done and wrapped, it was past 8, and we thought it was too late to go in. So we placed the cookies on her porch, rang the doorbell and ran. When they answered the door, we honked and peeled out in the Mini, our lit snowman blinking in the window.

It was so much fun we began doing it to other friends, too: an aggressive taunt with the Mini screeching away, horn blaring, but all in the service of delivering warm chocolate chip cookies.

We found ourselves doing it again this year, along with the traditional soundtrack: Nelly's "Only Just a Dream," sung with our own holiday lyrics, "It was Just a Christmas Dream."