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To Hoorn

June 9, 2012

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We packed up our day bags and headed down to Centraal Station ...



... and rode the train up to Hoorn, an old port town on the (onetime) Zuider Zee.



First order of business: reacquainting ourselves with the tasty goodness of Febo croquets!



We saw lots of strange and amazing sights.



I had always wanted to eat at this place since I first saw it in 1989 -- die Weg, the old weighing house.




On sunny days, this square is filled with Dutch people sitting at cafe tables, their faces soaking in the sunshine.


Turns out this guy in the middle of the square is kind of controversial for overseeing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Batavians when he was head of the Dutch East India Company. Betty Boop, on the other hand, is not controversial at all.



Pink unicorns are here, too.


By late afternoon, everyone else disappeared into pubs to watch Holland play somebody or other in the Eurocup, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves to goof around in.