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Pondering the Mystery of the Ice Bar

Norwegian Epic
March 23, 2012

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On deck 13 of the Epic, there is an old meat locker that they have converted to an ice bar. Here, couples who have paid thousands of dollars to escape the winter cold for a few days in the Caribbean sun can don parkas and slip back into winter, to re-experience what they're missing.

We found it strange: seems like the only reason for an ice bar would be to experience some exotic sense of the frozen north, an other-worldly experience, maybe snuggle with someone to keep warm. But whoever designed the bar had also installed two flat-screen TVs that were playing basketball. The bartender, who was from the Philippines, said he didn't have the authority to turn them off, or even turn down their volume. Seemed doubly strange since it was too cold in there to sit and enjoy watching a game, even if you had wanted to.