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On the Beach

Kaanapali, Maui
March 18, 2008

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Our lanai opened onto a lawn by the pool and only a few yards from the sea wall, and because of that it somehow didn't feel wrong to us to wander out there onto the beach in our pajamas each morning, sipping our coffee.

No word on whether those around us, who had to watch us in our pajamas, thought there was anything wrong with it.

The resort was full of Canadians enjoying the exchange rate, and the sea was full of whales -- their backs cresting out of the water, or their tails flapping, or sometimes even breaching. On our last morning there, we saw two whales breach together. It was really amazing, and it will be difficult to look earnest next time I'm out at Bodega Head and the whale-watching docents tell us that one came by last Tuesday morning.

Steve and I even got a chance to hear the whales: on Wednesday we tried out scuba diving, and down in the calm waters out past the surf, we could hear the whale song underwater. Pretty cool.