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Tommy's World Turned Upside Down

Feb. 16, 2007

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One thing Tommy could always count on, as he surveyed the world from his perch on the back of a chair, was that he and the mailman were mortal enemies. In the days when the mailman used to try to put the mail through the slot in the door, Tommy would be waiting and tear it from his hands. When he came near the door to put it into a mailbox outside, Tommy would bark and scratch. Once or twice he managed to escape at the right time and it was only through the intervention of raised boots and yelling that we managed to escape a macing.

Then, one day last autumn ... he escaped and raced to attack the mailman. Jen and I discovered the barking and ran from different places in the house and yard, calling for Tommy only to find him wagging his tail as a new mailman rubbed him behind the ear and talked soothingly to him. He then pulled a dog treat from his bag and fed it to him. He patted Tommy on the head and headed on down the street.

Tommy hasn't been quite the same since the world shifted out from under him. But we rest easier knowing for the time being, at least, we have one less thing to worry about.