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Opening Majulana

Russian River
May 13, 2006

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A little more challenging this year than most, since heavy spring rains brought down the hill across a 20-foot section of the trail. Until we build an alternate route, we'll use a creative mix of climbing, boating, and relying on the graciousness of neighbors' sharing their stairs.

On the upside, the outboard started on the first pull, even after sitting for two years. So the girls and I took a run downstream to the Oddfellows Road bridge crossing, and saw a trailer washed up by spring floods and a little snapping turtle.

(Jerry: click on the thumbnails in the bottom row to enlarge pictures of the straw-covered raw hill above Vergie's cabin, the straw-covered remnant of path, and an old, rusted tractor up higher on the hill near the alternate path.)