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Manuel Antonio National Park

Quepos, Costa Rica
Nov. 29, 2006

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At high tide, the entrance to this jewel of a little park is blocked by water that fills the delta of a small stream. It's easily wade-able, but a sign warns of crocodiles. So it seems the better part of wisdom to hire these fellows for a few hundred colones and take the 30-second boat ride across the narrow channel

Sure, I thought, with a worldly wink. Crocodiles on the loose among the tourists. That makes sense.

And so we let them take us for a ride, and I thought it was an act of charity on our part. Then late in the afternoon, when Em and I were walking on a path out to do some more snorkeling (sans camera, of course), we spotted a group of tourists gawking at something off the path, maybe an iguana or a coati -- oh! so that's what a croc looks like from 10 feet away...