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"Never Stop Clapping!"

Atrium Lounge
Norwegian Pearl
July 3, 2010

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Imagine my surprise, after disappearing to the men's room for five minutes, to come back to this madness: the waiter in the Pearl's atrium bar, whom the entertainer Tino kept calling "Choco-latte" (though it turns out that isn't his name) was leading the crowd in a cha-cha while balancing a tray with a drink on it and chanting, "Never stop clapping! Never stop clapping!"

Well, that was enough to make us regulars.

The next night, during a lull in dinner at the Summer Palace, I found myself musing, "I hope we see Cocoa tonight."

We were back every evening, sometimes dancing, sometimes taking in the late-night movie, usually falling asleep around midnight on the couches.

Choco-latte (or Cocoa) turned out to be from Honduras and he goes home for 3 months every year. He was 2 weeks from furlough, which may have accounted for some of his enthusiasm.