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Spooky Old Graveyard

Point Reyes
Jan. 7, 2007

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Way out around Tomales Bay and through Point Reyes Station, out past Inverness and almost to Drake's Bay, we spotted a sign pointing to an old Rescue Station Cemetary. Up there, we found old wooden and stone markers for Swedes and Germans who had died working at the rescue station -- perhaps even in the course of rescuing sailors whose ships had floundered off this rocky coast. Two of the crew died on the same day (Dec 12, 1890), and four were from the same family from Schlewswig. Even though it was a crisp and sunny winter day, we couldn't get off the hill fast enough after one member of our party swore that she heard the squishy sound of wet leather boots behind her -- even though the rest of us were in tennis shoes. We skedaddled, and told ghost stories all the way home.