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Hundreds of Roman Cats

Largo di Torre Argentina
June 9, 2008

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While Jen sought out some pasta for us to eat, we wandered across the street to see these remains of Roman temples and Pompey's Theater. We had heard that this was the place where Caeser was assassinated, and also that it was a favorite place for Romans to drop off unwanted cats. But we didn't know that it was also home to an amazing cat shelter, the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. Volunteers from Italy, England, and the U.S. take care of hundreds of felines in a little animal shelter tucked under the roadway, nursing them back to health and hoping to see them adopted.

They were only too happy to show the girls around, for an hour or so, while I lingered nearby (the smell of 100 sick cats was a bit overwelming) and while Jen's pasta grew cold.