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Green Chili and Sopapillas

Santa Fe
August 29. 2017

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Soon as we rolled east of the Grand Canyon, I began to ask at restaurants and cafes for "green chile and sopapillas," remembering that as the signature dish on our road trip through these parts way back in spring of '89. Back then, we seemed to find it everywhere we stopped, but we had less luck this time, getting instead dishes that seemed close but not quite the right thing.

Blue Corn Cafe in Santa Fe knew what we meant, though.

Later, strolling in the plaza, Ellie pointed to an updated plaque, suggesting that this would be a good way to manage the current furor this season about statues or named places that honored Confederate generals or others whose heroic acts then -- whether defending slavery or attacking Indians -- seem reprehensible today. I agreed that a plaque indicating monuments reflected the times in which they were erected seemed a fitting way to handle all this. But someone in Santa Fe wasn't so easily pacified, and they had chipped out "savage" in front of Indians and replaced it with "courageous."