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West County Rambling Day

West Sonoma County
June 13, 2010

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This is one of our favorite kinds of days, where we pile into the car and wander around Sonoma's West County, visiting nice friends and nice familiar places.

We started out with brunch at P/30, something we'd put off too long and which got us in a good mood.

Then we paid an unannounced visit to Shawn & Bruce, sneaking up their driveway and settling into their outdoor living room before they noticed our arrival. They showed off some seafood that a friend had dropped off the night before.

After that, we raced out to Hop Kiln winery on Westside Road, where Nicole was pouring this summer, and bought some goodies to bring to my folks' later.

We met up with Shawn, Kindy, and Arlo for Shrek 4 at our old favorite theater, The Rio, before heading out to my folks' place for a quick swim and dinner.