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The Whaley House

Old San Diego
March 26, 2009

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It had been 20 years since we last visited the most haunted house west of the Mississippi, Old San Diego's Whaley House, with its mysterious tales of dejected lovers committing suicide, outlaws hung for petty theft and children snapping their necks on clothes lines. We had warned the daughters about the place, telling them how when we last visited I kept a microcassette recorder running the whole time. We saw and heard nothing suspicious on that visit, but listening to the tape on the drive home I heard a strange, growling voice on the tape, just where I walked up the supposedly haunted staircase!

This time, we went armed with multiple digital recorders, but alas nothing eerie has turned up on them, nor on the poor images I shot with my Blackberry (all our other cameras had exhausted their batteries during the day's visit to the zoo). Perhaps in the decades since our last visit, the weary ghosts that haunted the Whaley House have finally found their rest.