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Dinner in a Gold Rush Saloon

Jan. 15, 2006

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We pass the tall, neoclassical dome in Auburn everytime we go up or down I-80 to and from the snows, but we never have time to stop. This time, we headed up a day early, checked into a cheap roadside motel, and spent the evening wandering around this Gold Rush town, dropping a few dollars at curio shops and enjoying a surprisingly tasty meal of light California cuisine fireside at The Bootlegger.

After dinner, we wandered into a shop for some fresh chocolates while joking that the place looked like it dropped out of a Thomas Kinkade painting ... just about the time we noticed the Thomas Kinkade print hanging on the wall of the shop, showing a scene of downtown Auburn glowing at twilight. (Apparently, he grew up in Placerville, just down the road.)