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Two Hours of Great Skiing

Donner Ski Ranch
Jan. 16, 2006

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Two hours of great skiing! That was our reward for fighting our way up I-80 in the middle of MLK weekend. We traveled up to Auburn the night before, hoping to be within easy striking distance of the slopes after the Saturday storm blew through. Others had the same idea, and even though we left our motel at 8am, it was 2pm when I had my first good run. Traffic breaks, cable installation, broken cable, long lines at women's rest rooms and rental lines, and more than hour in a line of SUVs to travel 3 miles on Soda Springs Road.

"The only times I've ever wanted to leave California," Jen confided, "I've been on I-80."

The powder was great, but next time we might fly to Utah or Washington; it'd probably be faster and easier.