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Clifton Harbor

Union Island
St. Vincent & The Grenadines
March 9-10, 2011

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By the time we reached Clifton Harbor on Union Island, after a day of sailing, snorkeling, swimming, and heavy drinking, we were ready to cut loose -- but not everyone had the same end game in mind. Scott & Dan had their sites set on Happy Island, a tiny islet built entirely out of conch shells with just enough land to support one bar. Peter, Mark & I wanted some food. So I fired up my taxi service, racing half the crew over to Happy Island and returning to Chillmore to pick up my hungry skipper and purser for dinner at the Anchorage Yacht Club.

On my way back from Happy Island, I heard these barking fools! Three dogs on a sailboat, and with no net on the life line! It can be done!