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Setting Sail ... so to speak

St. Georges, Grenada
March 8, 2011

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We motored out of Blue Bay, giving each other high fives for making it happen. An hour later we were still motoring north, far offshore from St. George's. It wasn't long after that I spotted Dan leaning over the lifeline and puking off the port transom. He stayed like that most of the rest of the afternoon -- a terrible way to spend any day, and a rough beginning for the trip. But he got it out of his system and never got sick again after.

We had to hew close to the northern shore of Grenada to stay clear of the underwater volcano, Kick 'Em Jenny. (How many days do you get to say that?) Later in the afternoon, we raised our sail for about an hour, as we passed through the Sisters, two rocks near Ronde -- and I fouled our jib-furling sheet doing it, too.

But we managed to drop anchor in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, just before sunset. Then piled into the dinghy and motored to shore for some pretty decent pizza and the Lazy Turtle on the beach.