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Walking a Tightrope Way Out West

Jackson, Wyoming
July 3, 2006

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Uncle Jeff, who worked in a Jackson ski shop for a year, calls these arches in the town's square "the biggest herd in the world."

On our arrival in town, we were greeted by a quick hail shower -- a real surprise, since it was about 85 degrees.

Later, we wandered onto a scene of aspiring tightrope walkers, some of whom took time out to show us how to get started. It was a cool scene, until one of their guitar-playing group leaned over and started vomiting. Just a beer vomit would have been all right, but he kept going, until he had a pile about the size of an apple pie. We took that as our cue to go. "Okay, thanks for the tightrope lesson. See ya!"