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Chuck Wagon Dining before the Tetons

Moose, Wyoming
July 3, 2006

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Flying home from Chicago about a year ago, I looked out the window and saw a chain of mountains leading north, and up at the top, two or three peaks that towered above the others. The Tetons, recognizable from five miles up and 100 miles away. And someplace I'd managed only to fly over since our last visit when the top hit in the nation was Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" from Top Gun.

Finally made it back. Our inn keeper in Jackson recommended Dornan's chuck wagon for dinner, a few miles up the road in the village of Moose. They probably could have served ramen and frozen pizza and charged for the excellent view, but instead they went to the trouble to lay out real Western fare: hearty beef stew and meat-falling-off-the-bone ribs.