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Dive Motel

Key Largo
Feb. 10, 2006

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After parting words, hearty handshakes, and reassuring promises to "pick this up on Monday," I tossed my bag into one of the vans headed out to the airport. While the Europeans waited to continue onto Lufthansa, the Americans jumped out at the domestic terminal. We walked in together, but a few feet inside, I quietly slipped away and took the escalator down to baggage claim and the rental car counters. Twenty minutes later I was breezing south, heading into the Everglades and beyond, out to Key Largo, where I checked into the first dive motel I could find. There, I tried to cleanse my brain of all it knew about"global operating models" and "whole domain offshoring" with a carefully applied salve of a well-grilled cheeseburger, ibuprofen, and three episodes of Rome.