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Home Away From Home

Orlando, Florida
Oct 1-4, 2016

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After the tortuous week or two of Empty Nest Syndrome, we managed to pull the whole nuclear family together again for a long weekend at Disney World in Florida.

I had meetings planned in Miami the week after, so we started planning a weekend in Orlando with Em. When those meetings were moved to Connecticut -- far out of reach of mosquitos carrying the zika virus -- some of the tickets were already bought. So we decided to go anyway, on my way to Boston.

Then when Ellie found out that three of us were planning to spend the weekend at Disney World, she wasn't about to be left out. And the deal was set.

Maybe we were jetlagged, a little rushed, on the far side of the country. But it was still the four of us wandering around having a good time all day, and what could feel more normal and homey than that?