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Tulocay Cemetary

September 30, 2016

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Back in California for a few weeks, we met up with family at the old Napa Cemetary where some of the ancestors are buried. The moment was to remember Uncle Berry, my mom's cousin. All my memories of him are from decades ago, when I was a young child, visiting him, an architect, in the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Now, my office is in the same neighborhood, and I think of him every time I am there -- although I probably never saw him the last 30 years of his life.

After the memorial service, Tim, Jerry, Robert and I walked up the hill and opened the Goodman crypt to check on its condition -- just a bit of chipped-marble damage from last year's earthquake. I walked across the cemetary to the reception hall, managed to lose my glasses on the walk, and re-traced my steps twice, once with Sue, to try to find them -- to no avail.

Jerry noticed that a stone urn was missing from the top of the Sawyer monument. So in addition to signing some papers that indicated who was responsible for indicating who may or may not be entombed in the Sawyer plot or Goodman crypt, we also notified the groundskeeper, who had found the missing urn before our lunch was over!

After the reception, I was off to SFO to head to the East Coast for a week of meetings in Connecticut. But first... a stop for a few days in Orlando...