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At the Waldorf

Oct. 16, 2007

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True, the lobby is a tribute to 20th Century Manhattan glamor. But to a curmudgeonly business travel, what is that compared to the promise of a room that's quiet, that's not perched next to an exterior air conditioning unit? As mine was.

The desk clerk had offered me a smoking suite in exchange for my non-smoking room. I had turned him down, remembering a fitful night in a smoking room at the W in Seattle. As he handed me my key, I grimaced: "Maybe I'm making a mistake. It's not like I get a suite at the Waldorf every day." He smiled and shooed me on my way.

Went for an evening stroll. As special as it always was to see Rockefeller Center, it's more so now, imagining Liz Lemon, Jack, Tracy Jordan and the rest of the 30 Rock crew there.